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Why Constructivism Must Be Radical
Published in: M. Larochelle, N. Bednarz & J. Garrison (eds.) Constructivism in education. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1998, pp. 23–28.
Original title: Pourquoi le constructivisme doit-il être radical?, Revue des Sciences de l’Éducation 20(1): 21–27.

The End of a Grand Illusion
Paper given at the international congress THE END OF GRAND DESIGNS AND THE FLOWERING OF SYSTEMIC PRACTICE, Heidelberg, April 3-7, 1991

The Simplicity Complex
Published in Italian in La Sfida della Complessita (The Challenge of Complexity) edited by Gianluca Bocchi & Mauro Ceruti. Milan: Feltrinelli, 1985. Original title: Il complesso di semplicità.

An Interpretation of Piagets Constructivism
Revue Internationale de Philosophie 36(4): 612–35.

The Constructivist View of Communication
In: Müller, A & Müller, K.H. (eds.): An unfinished revolution. Edition Echoraum. Vienna, pp.351-360.

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