The originals of the facsimiles published in Nachlass are kept in the Ernst-von-Glasersfeld-Archive, which is part of the Brenner Archives of the University of Innsbruck. The Brenner Archive and the executors of the Ernst-von-Glasersfeld-Archive, Josef Mitterer and Theo Hug, are the copyright holders of the published facsimiles.

However, the use of facsimiles for non-commercial purposes, in particular for educational purposes and research is explicitly permitted by indicating the source stated on the respective title page. For the commercial use of the facsimiles, the explicit written consent of the Ernst-von-Glasersfeld-Archive and/or Brenner-Archivs must be obtained (to the contact address).

The search platform was developed as part of the research project „Visualization Strategies for Digital Archives. The Case of Discourse Analysis and the Ernst-von-Glasersfeld-Archive” – funded by the Tiroler Wissenschaftsfond.

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